Nehwon is a D&D 4e campaign based on old school D&D tropes, sword and sorcery novels, pulp adventure stories, comic books and the real ancient world. It is, in many ways, the classic low-magic sword and sorcery setting.

Here are a few points that make Nehwon distinct:

The Gods:
The Gods, the World and the Ideas they embody are all One. The Gods have vast power and high wisdom but animal-level Intelligence. They never appear in humanoid form, speak no humanoid language and make no tools. The Gods do not instruct humanoids in proper behavior. The Gods silently demand sacrifice, submission and tribute in their areas of influence.

The Fates
The Fates existed even before the Gods and observe the birth, path and death of all things… from a fly to the universe itself.

Godlings are once-mortal creatures who have found their way to power and immortality. Godlings have generally much smaller areas of influence than Gods.

Flora and Fauna
Because of the Second Pandemonium (covered in The Origin) Nehwon contains a wild diversity of species and cross-breeds.

When the world is the Gods, the fantastic exists side by side with the mundane. For example, while Terra Drakus is a mountain range and Salamundus is a sea, Fero Drakus is a twisting column of molten iron.

Our campaign focuses on the remnants of the Orom empire, now a loose affiliation of independent city-states each ruled by an Overlord.

Learn about the origin of the world here: The Origin
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